GBP/USD awaits UK Consumer Price Index for fresh moves

Anil Panchal  |  19/02/2020 05:01

GBP/USD clings to 1.3000 while heading into the London open on Wednesday. The Cable has been in a 10-pip choppy range between 1.2995 and 1.3005.

USD/JPY Price Analysis: Rises above 110, but bull breakout still elusive

The bid tone around the anti-risk Japanese yen weakened, allowing USD/JPY to rise to 110.11, as the futures on the S&P 500 ticked higher hinting at ri19/02/2020 04:56

USD/CHF Price Analysis: Bulls aim for 200-week SMA as MACD turns strongest in nine weeks

USD/CHF takes the bids to 0.9835 amid the pre-European session on Wednesday. In doing so, the pair crosses 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of its broad ru19/02/2020 04:28

China dumps US Treasuries for the sixth straight month in December

According to the US Treasury Department report released Tuesday, China’s total shrank $54.4 billion on the year to $1.07 trillion. China sold around $19/02/2020 04:26

EUR/USD: Investors add bets to position for weakness in the Euro

EUR/USD is looking south and investors are adding bets to position for deeper losses in the common currency. Bearish daily close The pair closed below19/02/2020 04:25

Sources: Japan govt to maintain view that economy is recovering despite virus risks - Reuters

Citing two sources familiar with the Japanese government thinking, Reuters reports that the Cabinet Office will likely maintain its view that the econ19/02/2020 04:12

USD/INR slips from monthly top near 71.80 despite challenges at India

USD/INR declines to 71.52 as the Indian markets open for trading on Wednesday. The pair’s latest surge to 71.83 repeated the habit of being short-lived.19/02/2020 04:03

AUD/USD: Upside capped at 0.67, Investors await Aussie jobs report

The AUD/USD pair is mildly bid, but struggling to cut through the psychological resistance of 0.67 with investors likely waiting on the sidelines ahea19/02/2020 03:53

S&P: Coronavirus will deliver a short-term blow to China’s Q1 economic growth

S&P global ratings is out with its assessment of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Chinese economy. Key Quotes: Coronavirus will deliver a19/02/2020 03:46

Singapore’s FinMin Heng: SGD exchange rate has sufficient band to move as appropriate

In an interview with Bloomberg TV on Wednesday, Singapore’s Finance Minister Heng said that the Singapore dollar (SGD) exchange rate has sufficient ba19/02/2020 03:39

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  • Market Insight Prime Team

    Feb 04 2019
    Google and Total Report Ear...
    Big companies continue to report 4th quarter earnings and Google is the next with scheduled release date 4th February.
  • David Morrison

    Jan 11 2019
    Dollar spikes higher
    EURUSD falls back below 1.1500

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